Media Stars Maker

(MSM) has been building, shaping, launching & marketing brand experiences to change-makers many years ago. Our strategic creative permeates everything digital, including making films, producing audio projects and creating impressive websites. We deploy expertise across multiple sectors and specialty industries with a focus on products, enterprise, destination, and public sectors. We are bold in testing and sharing our ideas with your customers. This gives us the direct data-driven feedback we need, early on in the strategy and creative process, and enables us to adapt our strategy quickly.

Our Philosophy

Win with data-driven strategies

Trade exhausting guesswork for custom strategies built on our proven methodology. We measure, and refine, our approach to get you the best results possible—every time.

Work with a team you love

From strategy to distribution, our great team can handle your full content lifecycle. MSM process built on efficiency, our workflow is so easy to manage—even enjoyable.


Film Productions

Media stars maker ( MSM ) is an independent production company based in California, USA . Our primary focus is the production of feature films, documentaries, short films, television specials, 3D animation, cartoon, brand film, music videos and commercials. In addition, MSM is a production company that offers premium production and on–location management services. We provide international directors with the assistance they require to carry out their shooting or filmmaking projects . We also provide pre and post production services for any sort of project, rent equipment and offer services ranging from script development to film editing. our  Productions has worked on various projects in production on a wide range of industry and a large base of clientele. We take our business seriously and pay attention to the smallest details. We know every detail of the process of movie production and how to make your idea come to life. We have our credibility in the U.S. market and that’s why we can guarantee providing you with first-class services in the industry of filmmaking that is unrivaled elsewhere. We have unlimited access to a comprehensive selection of motion picture equipment. so, we can minimize production costs and achieve high production values. >>

Audio Studios

MSM (Media stars maker) is one of the best audio recording and editing studio in California, USA, specializing in spoken word projects – commercial voice overs, dubbing, corporate, ISDN and Source-Connect feeds, radio series, audio books, talent demos, phone messages, audio newsletters, remote interview recording. Our recording studio caters to Radio, TV Commercial production, Corporate Video Production, Television content and Music Videos. Whether your requirement is a fun, quirky commercial or a Public Service Ad, we can help create adverts that capture tonality and feel that are best suited to your needs. We produce music compositions, sound design, sound effects, mastering services and much more. We also provide a wide range of multilingual talent, both male and female voice database and things like that. Our music and sound effects libraries are up to date and available whether you’re doing a project with us or not. We’ve been doing sound for decades, and would love to work with you on your next project. what makes us different is we get to know you as an individual or as a corporate and your company. We are a friendly, approachable, creative recording studio. we are now a flourishing studio with a excellent reputation. In few short years we have helped create, build and promote brands and artists from all sectors and can demonstrate a varied portfolio of work. We have also acquired local, national and international clients and continue to build strong relationships. You bring your talent to MSM Studios and you get the finished product that exceeds expectations! >>

Web and Media

We are seeking always to advance our techniques and ideas aiming to get the best Media Services we provide to our customers, collective effort with our ability to handle projects to meet our customer’s requests is a major part of our success. as a well reputed social media marketing agency in USA, Media stars maker (MSM) can help you reach your target audience, build credibility and acquire customers through its skilled social media management services. we are the leading IT consulting and Implementation service provider works with the core objective of serving the clients with best solutions. We integrate the advanced technology to your business environment to boost the functionality and productivity of your business. Since our inception we have served a number of organizations and establishments with our end-to-end IT services and technology solutions like consulting, structured cabling, annual maintenance contracts,and web services, website design & development to meet your digital marketing needs as well. Our team of experts takes the effort to provide bespoke solutions to empower your business in the digital world. We pay more attention to come up with perfect solution suiting individual business requirements and expectations. At each stage of delivery, we make sure your project is taken care by the experts who render flawless services for your business. This ensures quality service delivery providing you true return on your investment. >>


What makes us, us

Our team is made up of all different backgrounds from all over the world.
There’s plenty of things that bring
us together, but these are
the one’s we’re sharing
with you here for
to see.

Independently, as one

The only way for the team to grow, is for each person to grow personally. We believe we must continue to work and hon in on our skills and self.

Whatever It Takes

We always know the objective and we’re focused on the end outcome, not the hours needed to get there, but always sure we will get there.

Solution Focused

Things happen. We’re focused on finding solutions to those problems and using an analytical approach to solving the situations that come up.



It takes a high-performing team to deliver the best-in-class service our clients expect. At MEDIA STARS MAKER (MSM), people are our greatest asset. Each of our team members represents the best talent within their discipline, bringing a unique point of view to the table. We are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace and value a variety of ideas and perspectives. we are committed to making great work for our clients and communities around the globe. “ WE MAKE AMAZING HAPPEN ”  Explore more >>

Media Stars Maker (MSM)

OWNER & CEO: Feras Khozam

John Lee

FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Outstanding professional with 12-years working experience in filmmaking. whether it's cinema movies, short or brand film, John extremely driven to put out the best work.

Mary Khoury

SOUND DIRECTOR, Graduated from Oregon Institute of Cinema and TV, specializing in sound engineering of audiovisual arts.Mary was awarded with “Best Debut” prize for the sound solution.

Sarah Baker

PRODUCTION COORDINATOR & DESIGNER, Graduated from South California with major in Cinema and TV Production Design. Professional create various types of film, Advertisements videos.

Stephanie Jordan

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER,Stephanie has helped hundreds of documentary filmmakers advance their projects forward and been a leading champion of the rights of all Filmmakers.

Joseph Malouf

OPERATIONS DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER, Joseph Malouf has spent his career creating different types of brand Advertising with focusing on producing short films. he's a passionate and detail oriented person.

Mark Saliba

WEB DESIGNER AND DEVELOPER, Mark has been actively involved in more than 120 web design and development, he is perfect web content manager as well as internet marketing solutions and analytical skills.

William Morgan

DIRECTOR OF PRODUCTION + PRODUCER, William is a product of 3rd generation production. In 2019, he joined our team doing a variety of pre- and post-production, His quick problem-solving skills and passion for making things great.

Linda Clark

DIRECTOR OF CLIENT RELATIONS, Linda’s background equips her with leadership experience as diverse as owning a biotech company, leading strategy and business development initiatives for local and international companies.

David Shamoon

EDITOR + POST CREATIVE LEAD + DIRECTOR, David is a hybrid - a jack of all trades, some might say. He loves being on set, but also enjoys pre- & post-production. This includes writing scripts, editing, sound design, and Acting also. Shout out man.

Angela Foster

SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR, her mission is promotes a company’s brand, products & services via social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and among others. she loves to create something out of nothing. we are Always proud of angela.

George Nicola

directs all the firm’s activities involving the design of audio recording, broadcast and television studios, as well as home theater and entertainment facilities and movies locations. His credits as director and producer include films as diverse in different fields.

Michael Scott

CINEMATOGRAPHER + ACTOR + DIRECTOR Our resident handyman, From acting to cinematography. he creative eye is constantly seeking to create a strong narrative across video and photo mediums. His roles span across the company as Writer, Director. Shout out.

Jack Reyes

Jack Reyes is a PROJECT MANAGER involved with all aspects of our films production and broadcast facility design, He also has the job of securing locations for the production, as well as the appropriate permits. On set, we rely on him a lot in the locations.

Susan Perry

AUDIO ENGINEER professional on machinery and equipment of recording, synchronize, mixing, reproduce music, voices, sound effects. she work also on the production of movies, live shows. Susan has the personality to make our customers feel valued and comfortable.

Carol Ruiz

PRODUCTION ACCOUNTANT/FINANCE MANAGER, she manages all day to day and monthly accounting (including posting invoices/ raising sales invoices/ paying suppliers/ reconciling the bank accounts/ General annual budget/ Business activity reports.

Tony Azar

WEB DESIGNER AND DEVELOPER / PROGRAMMER, he attended Nashville Software School, learning front-end web development and software development. he is man of Innovation as a programmer developing custom applications and performing website. shout out Tony Azar.

Adam Harris

Adam is one of the most ambitious MUSIC PRODUCERS and AUDIO ENGINEERS in the world of Sounds. his infectious charisma, notable drive and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in the audio industry make him wildly popular in all of California. shout out Adam Harris.

Patricia Lopez

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Patricia is a cinematographer with a multi-disciplinary background in narrative feature, live music, commercials, corporate and documentary feature films. she uses various techniques to bring a richer visual style. we are Always proud of you.

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