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An award-winning production company founded by people who believe in the power of nonfiction visual storytelling, Our team of devoted professionals believe in offering world-class standards at competitive prices.


Media Stars Maker (MSM)
Media Stars Maker (MSM)
Media Stars Maker (MSM)

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As one of the top film production companies in the USA, we invest in the latest and top-of-the-line equipment and software to effectively apply the best cinematic approach to any project and produce exceptional content that resonates with the client’s target audience.
Film production is a journey through the passages of thought and imagination. At the end, the thought is visually interpreted and imagination given shape. We guide you through the passages and help any thread to bloom and find its world of communication. Media stars maker (MSMis a Film Production Company, it’s all about craftsmanship in movie-making. Be it animated or real-life. We aim to use the best threads and needles to create the masterpieces that fulfill not only the visions of our clients, but ours as well. We do  different types of video films, corporate films, animation films and TV commercials to name a few. We have a full-fledged infrastructure to meet any kind of production assignments. We know every detail of the process of movie production and how to make your production come to life. Create impressionable and memorable content by getting in touch with us. From concept to filming, lighting, set design, and everything in between, here is our creativity space. MSM is mix of Conceptualization, Copywriting, Storyboards, Location Scouting, Casting Calls, Production Coordination, 3 and 5 Ton Grip Trucks, Red Epic Camera Package (5k resolution), Fully Staffed Production Crew, Sound Engineer, Equipment Rental Houses, Location Managers. say hello and will be seeing you in front of a camera.


Corporate Video is now an essential marketing and communication tool for any company. Corporate and promotional video productions showcase individual products, services or other aspects of your business !  At MSM we work closely with brands to understand their individual ethos, image, and voice. This allows us to act as your very own in video production department and come up with creative ideas to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re looking to produce a new Corporate Promotional Video, a TV advert or a series of Client Testimonials, we offer a creative approach, beautiful 4K footage and bespoke animated graphics to maximize content reach for every production. Whether you want a tutorial series for retail demonstrating your USP, or a viral film for brand awareness about your corporate values – we can help. our access to a wealth of industry leading equipment and talent means that we can cater for a wide range of budgets. our large crew portfolio includes both in-House and freelance technicians with the skills and experience to fulfill all your requirements. >>>

MEDIA STARS MAKER film and video production, focused on storytelling and design; offering services from pre-production to post-production including filmmaking, motion graphics, visual effects, and animation. We offer complete production service – research, budgeting, location scouting, casting, scheduling and post-production. Let’s review and choose the best crew for your job. We have a huge library of locations and professionals location managers.

 MEDIA STARS MAKER sure you and your clients are looked after perfectly, from touch-down to wheels-up.



Production Services

Our goal at MSM is to be your one-stop shop when it comes to addressing your video production needs in California. Our full-service video, creative, and asset services are available to exceed all your expectations while being mindful of your budget. We’ll help you get the most bang for your buck and deliver a product you’ll be proud of. Here are some of the services we provide here at MSM Production!


Whether it’s a film, TV show, commercial, music video, interview, behind the scenes, or any other type of video, here at MSM Production we can do it! Bring us your ideas or let us help you create one from scratch! We love collaborating with you and helping you bring your vision to life. No matter how big or small the production, it’s important to us to produce quality content. our goal is for our clients to achieve their vision and be 100% satisfied.

Have your own project and need a crew?
We have a vast network of crew and cast of all talents and abilities! Producers, directors, writers, directors of photography, camera operators, assistant camera team, gaffers, grips, location managers, photographers, sound technicians, art directors, prop masters, hair and makeup, wardrobe specialists, casting directors, productions assistants, talent and more!



If you’ve been involved with an entertainment project before, you know how much gear can be involved. We can provide you with the gear and equipment you need! Cameras, lighting, gaffing, grip materials, staging, audio equipment, monitors, drone, set and art department and more! We also have all the operators who know how to make your project look amazing. Looking for something specific? We can get it for you!

Photographs are powerful ways to communicate to and engage with your audience. Whether you need pictures for your editorial campaign, headshots for your career, product photographs for your business, images that capture your live event, photos from filming, landscape photographs, album cover art, aerial pictures from a drone or helicopter, social media images, or any other type of photographs, we can do it for you!



Looking for talent for your film, TV show, commercial, editorial shoot, music video, live performance or any other project? Let us help you find the right people that fit your vision perfectly! We can cast actors, dancers, hosts, interviewers, stunt performers, singers, and others of all ages, skill levels, looks, and talents. Whether you want to be involved in the process, or you want us to take care of it completely, we can adjust to your needs.

For someone in the spotlight, it can be hard to adjust to press and media. How do you handle controversial questions? What do you do with live streams? How do you stop saying the word “um”? We have talent development experts who can help you with your interview skills, speaking abilities, and on camera techniques! Are you on the other side of the interview asking the questions?  Let us help you be ready for whatever comes your way!






When you hire MSM you hire the team at MSM, not freelancers. MSM’s full-time staff is made up of experienced writers, producers, directors, shooters, editors, visual effects artists, and motion graphics artists.

our production value is high, MSM has proved over and over again it’s ability to create concepts not just for commercial work but for film as well.  we feel confident that our production value paired with our original concepts will exceed your expectations.

MSM Studios offers premiere talent across every aspect of Video production. Our team can meet any need, and brings years of specialized production experience to every project.


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